Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The knitting never stops

New FOs!

1) Ava from Ribbon Twist Collection.
I bought the Rowan Ribbon Twist yarn (4 skeins) when Romni's had their 20% off sale in June/July!? - I'm surprised I waited such a long time before diving into it! It's fast to knit, pretty and warm. Also asymetrical in a "je ne sais quoi" kinda way. Instant gratification!! I LOVE IT!!

2) Cushion Covers
Made with some super cheapie, synthetic yarn I picked up at the Lewiscraft closeout sale (Bernat Soft Boucle). I used the knitting machine to make this a few months ago but just recently sewed in the zippers. The cushions are a mix of chocolate brown and teal specks, matches my couch quite well, eh? It's the winter look for my place.

In the meantime, I've been crazily working on three projects during my stitch & bitch Wednesdays and Drunken Knitter Monthly Fridays:

1) The sweater that never grows
Well, I guess the Debbie Bliss rib cardigan did grow - I am finally on the sleeves!

2) Surprise socks
Thanks for all your suggestions on which socks I should tackle next. I ended up choosing the brown and yellow Opal, which are apparently called Chocolate Banana Split. YUMMY I need surprise socks for the "dude" and that skein was the most dude-ish colorway in my sock stash.

3) Mittens to be lined with fleece
The wonderfully cute mittens I made in May will be lined in fleece. It's gonna look like an oven mitt but it will be oooohhh soooooooo warm!

Show and tell next week!
Happy knitting everyone!


Mimi said...

Ava looks so cozy and it goes well with your skirt and the black top.
The cushions are perfect to hold on those cold days. Acrylics in this case are better than the wool ones as they will not pill as much.
Will be waiting to see your new FOs! ;)

Siow Chin said...

Instant gratification is good. Maybe I should indulge in some myself... My current knits seem to take forever.

opportunityknits said...

Your cushion covers look so stylish and comfortable for hugging. My cabled cardigan did take forever :)

yuvee said...

Your cushion covers look so stylish! I've been wanting to make some too ;)

Laura.Y said...

Ava looks very interesting wit the Ribbon Twist yarn, and you paired it so nicely with your outfit too! Nice cushions!

Miss Twiss said...

Lovely finished objects!

Doreen said...

I like the cushion cover. Doesnt look cheapie to me, match your couch perfectly

Little Sesame said...

I like your cushion too.. very stylish and great color choice.