Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So Happy Together...

In the true spirt of Socktoberfest, I have 2 pairs of socks to show! They are simple socks but shows off the colors very well.

We're lonely no more!!!... so happy together!

1) Purple socks for Sister B (Patons Kroy Winter Eclipse)
You wouldn't believe there was such a headache from such basic socks. For the first sock I experimented using a tubular cast on from Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book. It uses a slip stitch method similar to this. The cast-on flared a bit so the second sock, I tried a different tubular cast-on using a folding-over method. Some good tutorials of the method can be found here and here.

The problem? The cast-ons (probably my fault) looked completely different and I ended up with two fraternal socks! So being a perfectionist, I thought of the brilliant idea of ripping out the rib, casting-on with new yarn, re-knitting the rib, then grafting the pieces together. (Note: I've never attempted grafting before this ambitious exercise). What the hell was I thinking?! The grafting looked TERRIBLE. At the end, I ripped out the ribbing and folllowed Gray La Gran's suggestion of picking up the stitches and ribbing toe-up.

Yet another obstacle... I've never tubular cast-off before! Luckily, the Ultimate Vogue Book came in handy and after a few failed attempts, SUCCESS!

The socks are still fraternal. If you look closely at the rib, one sock has the knit "v"s pointing downwards the toe and the other sock has "v"s pointing to the cuff. Oh well, no one's going to look THAT closely at the ribbing???

2) Green/Blue socks for Sister C (Patons Kroy Krazy Stripes)
These went by quickly. I like stripes... it kept me going because I was anxious to reach a new color and the stripes made counting rows easier. The colors more-or-less matched between the socks. *smile*

YAY! The socks aren't lonely any more!

However... my sock yarn inventory is still sitting in the orphan basket, crying "knit me, knit me". Which one should I pick up and save next?

Back Row (from left to right)

- (brown & yellow) Opal Yarn, to become cable socks

- (lavendar & yellow) Opal Yarn Rainforest, to become ribbed socks

- (rose & burgundy) Regia Canadian Colors Ontario, to become...?

- (lavendar and cream) Regia Canadian Colors Quebec, to become Pomatomus

Middle Row (from left to right)

- (multicolored skeins) Koigu Painters Palatte, to become BFF

- (fuschia) Handmaiden/Fleece Artist, to become ...?

- (red) Patons Kroy Paint Box, to become Retro Rib Sock

- (red, orange, cream) Lana Grossa, to become ribbed socks

- (blue specked) Lana Grossa, to become Hedera or Mirabella

Bottom Row (from left to right)

- (red & blue) Regia, to become...?

- (fuschia, orange, purple) Patons Kroy Kool Stripes, to beome Jaywalkers

- (dark blue) Scheepjes Invicta, to become Cable Net

- (light blue) Scheepjes Invicta, to continue Patons Lace Panel Socks

Whew! Looks like I'm all stocked up for next year's Socktoberfest!!!


jacquieblackman said...

Your socks look great! Congrats on finishing them so quickly.

IMHO,you must knit the Koigu!!

gray la gran said...

pretty sock yarns to choose from, i vote for the kroy for the retro rib socks :)
i'm glad the picking up stitches to rework the ribbing ... truthfully, i haven't finished a sock toe up, thus haven't had to figure out a good stretchy cast off! :)
i especially love the finished green socks (i'm a sucker for green) and i'm envious of your fleece artist merino.
happy knitting!

Nik said...

that fuschia yarn is to die for.
um, can i have it?

yuvee said...

Lovely socks and yummy sock yarn stash! Such eye candies ;)

Laura.Y said...

Wow the socks sure knit up fast! Dun mind me now, I'm gonna drool over ur colorful yarn stash. :)

opportunityknits said...

Couldn't comment the other day, blogger was giving me problems - Wanted to say the burgundy and fuschia yarns are particularly striking :)
And good job with finishing the socks!

Mimi said...

I can see two happy and lucky sisters! At the end, you were able to knit two cheerful socks. All the effort was worthywhile. ;)
Such a coincidence but just like everyone else, I picked up the fuschia Handmaiden/Fleece yarn. Though, all the other ones are so pretty as well.

Lana said...

Wow what a great selection to choose from! I vote for the brown & yellow opal!!! It looks similar to a natural dye (plants) ^_^ Your finished socks are lovely as well!

Life's a Stitch said...

I pick top row, second from the right. That photo satisfied my colour addiction for today.

Life's a Stitch said...

I changed my mind. Handmaiden fuscia for sure.

twellve said...

is that really patons kroy krazy stripes? i thought krazy stripes was mostly green/yellow/blue and kool stripes had the fuschia? i only ask because i like the look of that yarn in your stash and would like to get the same one.

"Bottom Row (from left to right)
- (fuschia, orange, purple) Patons Kroy Krazy Stripes"