Monday, October 16, 2006

Single Sock Syndrome

In celebration of Socktoberfest, I finished 2 socks! Yes, Sister B will have one warm foot and Sister C will have one warm foot. Before growing bored of one of the colorways, I thought I'd alternate the socks and now I have one of each. I'm already starting the second (Sister B) blue and purple sock and hopefully, both sisters can have 2 warm feet this Christmas!!

We're so lonely!

Unfortunately, the cast-on ribbing for Sister B's purple socks is a bit wonky. Has anyone ever tried ripping out the ribbing and re-do it AFTER the entire sock has been done?

During the weekend... I attempted to work on the Debbie Bliss rib detail jacket. I know the finished product will be awesome but the work-in-progress is a little painful. It is a relatively thick yarn, which is nice and squishy, but oh so boring in a solid color. It doesn't seem to grow any longer!!!

So, I started (and completed) Ava from Ribbon Twist Collection. I bought the yarn when Romni's had their 20% off sale in June/July!? - I'm surprised I waited this long to work on it! It's fast to knit, pretty and warm. Instant gratification!! (Pic next time)

Now, back to the socks and the rib detail jacket...

Before I sign off, here's a picture of my London goodies - Kid Silk Haze and Cotton Braid. There are grand plans for them. :)


joy said...

I love the colors of your sisters' socks; I'm sure you'll have them done soon! :-)

The KSH is gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do with it!

gray la gran said...

can you just snip the yarn and pick up the loops to knit the ribbing from sock to the cuff?

Mimi said...

I see the need to change the colourway yarn, they are just so pretty that it's hard to wait for their turn.

The red kidsilk is so gorgeous and the blue - purple cotton braid is a pretty combination.

handknit168 said...

Winter is coming, everyone is busy for their socks. Where is mine ? I don't know and still searching the sock yarn. Hope can finish one in this winter.

opportunityknits said...

the ksh is so gorgeous, wonder what you have in mind for it.