Saturday, May 13, 2006

Update for May!!

Some recent projects!!

1) Reversible cable scarf with Lion Brand Cashmere Blend yarn
It took 4 balls and while the cables are neither fancy nor intricate, these basic cables are worked on both sides so the scarf is reversible! The pattern may be found here. I made this for a special person - hope he wears it!! It's soooooooo soft I'm gonna make myself one in baby blue :)

2) Hat with Ear Flaps using Rowan Big Wool
Never been able to resist a Rowan sale, I accumulated all sorts of colors of Rowan Big Wool. Started the Rowan marathon with this hat - Snowflake from Rowan Big Easy. I put it in the wash hoping to "shrink" it a bit and it accidently felted!!! But now it's very snug and warm.
3) 2 Hats and Mitts
Recognize the green and beige colors? With the leftovers from Snowflake, I made Mini from Rowan Bigger Picture. With some purple, I made another version of Mini, with garter stitch on the bottom. Purple Mini will be for sister B and Striped Mini will be sister C. Had another ball of green knitted the mittens - Ash, also from Rowan Bigger Picture. I'm considering whether to felt the mittens.... any suggestions?

4) Chunky Vest
With the accumulated stash of Rowan Big Wool, 3 balls in beige made Nat from Rowan Bigger Picture. I adjusted the neck with this simple roll-type design.

5) Ribbon Scarves
Well, it IS spring so I made these two scarves using Berroco's Zen with a 3 rows knit, 1 row drop stitch pattern. Using 8mm needles, the blue one is 8 stitches across and with some fringe on the ends. The red one is 10 stitches across. The colors are so beautiful! I don't think I can bear to part with them.

** Currently on the needles:

1) Baby Blue Lion cashmere blend reversible cable scarf

2) Trinity KAL - After seeing Erin's version of Micheal Kors cable tee from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2005, I'm in love!! She used 4 balls of Jaeger Trinity and coincidently I have 4 too!! Will try to figure out how to add the KAL icon to the sidebar...

3) Boucle Cushion Covers - Lewiscraft is going out of business. :( While their yarns are not as scrumptous or exquisite as designer yarns from other yarn shops, it's still sad to see Lewiscraft go. They now have 40% off ALL yarns and I picked up some boucle yarn (among many other things...@_@) to make some boucle cushion covers.

Last week I went to the Clothing Show.... one of the booths which featured machine knitted pieces were selling left over yarns for $2 per skein/cone. I picked up some yummy stuff, including a skein of Fleece Artists Rapunzel yarn for $2!!! It's a boucle yarn.... Hmmm.... what to make???

That's my update... happy knitting!


Kim said...

Wow.. I guess I'm out of the loop (hehe.) I didn't know Michael Kors was a knitwear designer too.. I knew he was a fashion designer.. but yeah.. anyway.. lol.

Glad to see another update from you.. and you have been doing lots of knitting! Yay! I really like the reversable scarf.. if I have someone in need of another scarf I'll probably try that one.

yuvee said...

That's lots of Big Wool! I've been wanting to try that yarn for ages *envy you getting all those Rowan sale*

Mimi said...


Nice to see you posting again! ;) And with lots of FOs. Oh i love the doubled side cables scarf, I need to check this the pattern.
I also can't resist any yarn sale...:D

Siow Chin said...

Good to hear from you again! What! Fleece artist for $2 only and you got only 1 skein :D)! Maybe you can knit a scarf?

marjorie said...

I love your reversible cable scarf. I've never tried Lion Brand before and is the cashemere blend good?

emy said...

Woohoo! That's a lot of FOs!

erin said...

Wow, you've been busy, cranking out the knitting. The cabley scarf looks very lush and lovely and I particularly like reversible scarf patterns.
I have to confess that I have a mild obssession with the trinity yarn now. It makes the lightest sweaters, that keep their shape even after a long day's wear. Look forawrd to seeing which colour of trinity you are knitting the michael kors in.

Wendy said...

Peggy -

Wendy from Stitch'N'Bitch here! I am also using the Berroco Zen yarn (and am almost finished my deep pink scarf) and will be asking for your help to create my light pink scarf using your terrific pattern!

See you on Wednesday!