Monday, June 19, 2006

WIPs Galore

It's JUNE... No FO's to report but many odds & ends hanging off the needles!! (Coincidently everything is cream or blue...hmmmm....)

Trinity KAL
It's a knit-a-long but it's taking oh soooo long. My own fault for not paying attention and ended up ripping out 30 rows (boo!!). Alas, it seems the back piece is on track though it's happening slowly... it's getting there. The front will surely be faster, since I have the patterns memorized. For those who have not used Jaeger Trinity, the back is almost 12 inches! in length and I'm still on the first skien!

Bohemian Cushion Cover
With Lewiscraft having further sales (50% off all Patons and Bernat yarns), I picked out a bulky chenielle yarn in Blue Pop from Patons to make soft cushion covers for my friend K's housewarming present. There were only 4 balls left, and I had hoped to make 2 covers. As you can see, 1 ball only makes 1/3 of a cushion so either I'll need to go on a scavenger hunt for 2 more balls (I've already checked the last 3 remaining LewisCraft stores - no luck) or I'll make one big cushion (50cmX50cm) and one small one. With an anal tendancy to balance and match things, I am tempted to just get 2 more balls at regular price.

Baby Blue Cashmere Scarf
Not much progress on this one. Toronto is warming up and I've been neglecting it for the last few weeks.

Sister C's Socks
Again, the heat does not go well with wool socks. My excuse? She won't be wearing them soon anyway so why the rush?

Blue Michael Kors Lace Sweater
Zero progress on this. For some reason, it looked so attractive in the magazine but when I actually began knitting, I lost interest. Probably because I was overambitious and knit them in the round... it's really hard to do the lace patterns that way. This is in the "maybe frog" list.

Flower Basket Shawl
Zero progress on this too. I haven't touched this in ages... It's my next thing to tackle. It's soooo close to being done!

It's summertime... I want to start knitting cotton summery things!!


shanwen said...

Wow Peggy, that's an awful lot of WIPs.. It is the same here. You are not alone :)

Mimi said...

Those are great wip's. Somehow now, I feel this urge to start on more projects!;)

joy said...

The shawl is looking good...definitely get that done first! :)

opportunityknits said...

I have bags of wips that I just ignore :) But your wips sure look pretty enticing.

Kim said...

Ooooo.. I love your cabley things.. so nice!