Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Neck Warmers II

More neck things for my sisters!

Green Cowl for Sister in HK

Sister B is not very good with taking care of wool... it often ends up in the washer/dryer. This, coupled with the tropical climate in HK, makes her wool's worst enemy. So, I chose an acrylic/wool blend and a very open pattern for her cowl.
I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick, which despite it's bad rap from other Ravelers, is a lovely wool!  And cheap too!  Details here.

Convertible Cowl/Scarf for in TO

I love Rowan Biggy Print so when I found it at $2 a skein, I bought all 5 of the remaining skeins.  However, I've made a few projects with this yarn and the results are often disappointing.  The weight adds 20 pounds to any frame, so recently, I've reserved this yarn for neck accessories.

I made this long rectangle thing with buttons that can be a short scarf (unbuttoned), buttoned as an infinity scarf, or wrapped around twice and buttoned as a cowl.  I used 3 skeins and details are here
Hope my sisters get good use out of these!

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