Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fast Socks!

I asked Sister B what she wanted and she said socks.  She likes to wear them at home when the weather is cold.  Yes, Sister B lives in tropical HK but it does get cold.  Anything below 10 degrees Celsius feels like freezing as homes do not usually have heat. I remember my first winter in HK and I had to wear 3 hoodies and 2 pairs of socks to keep warm!

Used worsted weight Patons Decor yarn (which is great for socks given it's wool/acrylic blend). I originally bought this yarn to make a granny square afghan.  I obviously didn't think it through because this yarn looks "diseased" when crocheted.  In contrast, the variegated colors work out great as a sock.
The project flew off the needles!

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