Sunday, May 22, 2011

All Seasons Cotton Bug

A few years ago, I received All Seasons Cotton as a Rowan Membership gift. They accidentally sent me 2 packs instead of one, so I had 8 skeins in total (score!).  I finally found a pattern perfect for the yarn ... and it's free, you can find it here


I knit it in the round and added a few inches to the length of the body.  To compensate tighter knitting in the round, I up-ed the needle size in the ribbing section(s).
I really like the yarn.  It's part acrylic but quite soft, doesn't split and makes cables pop.

I found more All Seasons Cotton in my stash, and decided to knit something for my friend's baby boy.  I picked Trellis and my yarn was the exact same color as the one used to showcase this pattern in


Again, I knit in the round (the 2 fronts + back pieces).   Since other Ravelers didn’t have enough yarn to finish this size and said the sleeves were too long, I made the sleeves 1-2 inches shorter. I would not have enough yarn if I didn’t do that.
Hope baby Seabass likes it!

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opportunityknits said...

Love that gorgeous Trellis! Lucky baby :)