Sunday, May 29, 2011

There's Something about Noro

I saw Noro Aurora one day at elann and bought all that was left (6 skeins).   There’s something about Noro… the color changes are always surprisingly beautiful.  This colorway is called Jewel Box and indeed it's a gem.  Who could imagine that pink, orange, teal, emerald, dark red and black could look so great together?

This yarn is a bit strange, it has some tinsel-sparkly bits spun into the wool, but it’s beautiful.

Worried that the tinsel would be itchy against my skin I chose a shawl pattern.  It is free and was perfect to showcase the color changes!

  • Omitted increases on the WS
  • I wanted thicker stripes along the outer edge. To achieve this, after finishing the 2nd skein, I alternated between 2 skeins i.e. 3rd with 4th skeins and 5th with 6th skeins (following the same color changes) to prolong the color.
  • Instead of kerchief size, I kept knitting until most of the yarn was used up.  It's now a generous scarf size. 
  • Used a 10mm crochet hook to cast off. I find this cast off method easier to get a loose tension.
Who wouldn't love a shawl of emeralds, sapphires, garnet and sparkle?

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Munchkin_the_Bean said...

so pretty! i love noro - i have three balls of sock yarn to knit up for manly presents and i can;t wait to get started :)