Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moon Beam Quilts

Two more...

This fabric is called Moonbeams in a Jar, with images of bears lounging in stars and floating onesies.

Quilt 1 - 5" Squares

I just couldn't resist. Simple, neat, tidy, lovely squares.

The back is like a story board. It's a bit small but ther eare bears hanging off stars and laying on the moon.
Quilt 2 - Random Stripes

I'm starting to like stripes. It gives enough room to see the pattern on busy prints and I can quilt with random lines.

More bears on the back! This time, all boy bears.

Next, I am going to make some lap quilts!


Julie said...

gorgeous baby quit!! The fabrics are so sweet.

opportunityknits said...

so cute! When I was a kid, I remember bedtime, making up stories about the cute characters on my bedding.