Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Princess Boutique Girlie Quilts

Two more girlie baby quilts!

The fabric is called "Princess Boutique" and it features fashionably dressed girls, ruffled dresses, shoes and jewelry, flower bouquets, and fairy tale castles. It's bright and dreamy and girlie.

Quilt 1 - 5" squares

My favorite simple pattern of 5 inch squares!The back is pieced as well. Same pattern in two colorways with happy green stripes.
Quilt 2 - Disappearing 9 Patch

It's my first time using this pattern, following the tutorial from cluck cluck sew. It's still easy and but looks difficult! I'm liking the twists and turns created by the rectangles and squares.
The other side is just a simple backing in a busy print.

Again, I'm always amazed at how the same collection of prints looks completely different when cut and pieced differently.

Like magic!

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