Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Fancy Gentleman Socks

This is the fourth time (and last) I've used this pattern. I love the result, but I'm done with the pattern.

Apparently, the pattern is also done with me. Luckily I didn't carry the actual book around... the photocopy is felting on me.

This last pair of socks is for me. The pattern features shaping for the calf, which I omitted for myself. I love this color, I believe it's called wine.

I'm also done with Knitpicks Kettle Dyed (fingering weight), which they have discountinued anyway. Love the colors but I bought 4 colorways on a whim (and subsequently knitted) and now I'm ready to knit some variagated or self stripping socks!

However, as I said, I love this color. Going to see if I can find some aran weight of this yarn for sale on Ravelry....

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