Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The past month and a half has been a whirlwind.

After living in sin for over 2 years, the dude and I eloped*!
* It wasn't entirely secret or sudden (as per wikipedia definition), but it was very low key and the parents didn't join. They weren't against the wedding (or either of us) but my parents were in Vegas and the dude's parents hate flying. The truth is, the traditional tea ceremony and banquet dinner are much more important for Chinese parents, which we will follow-up with some time later. To them, those are the events that really seal the deal. And so, we had the wedding ceremony at Toronto City Hall and flew off to Prague. Stories in the next post!

By the way, I put together the bouquet... a dozen roses from Metro intertwined with some kneurotic DIY style.

It was a great sunny day and we look warm and fuzzy, but believe me, it was very cold that day! Look at Sumi!