Saturday, March 13, 2010

Showered by Shower Gifts

My weekly S&B knittahs are a generous bunch. One afternoon, they showered me with tea, scones and wool bridal shower goodness! We were all dressed like ladies and I was channelling my inner Gossip Girl with a headband of course!

For tea, I picked a floral one...
And the gifts.... they were so thoughtful and beautiful. I can't wait to use them in my future kitchen! In no particular order...

Set of Placemats and 2 Coasters (Christina, Wendy, Cristina & Elsie)
Linen Placements for Special Occasions i.e. no dudes allowed! (Lisa)Hexagon Coasters (Nadia)
Dishcloths (Soosan)
Dishcloths (Avalee)
Elvis Dishcloth, Un-Elvis Dishcloth and Gloves for the Dude :) (Sandi)
Kitchen Towel (Vero)
Kitchen Towel (Holly) - It suspiciously looks like it has another potential use... no, no babies yet!
It's a bit overdue but I would like to thank the girls again for a lovely & elegant afternoon and all the wonderful gifts. THANK YOU!


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