Friday, March 26, 2010


And so... after the wedding ceremony, we eloped and ran off into the sunset to Prague. Originally we were planning to go to Athens but changed our minds last minute after hearing the general strike at the Athens airport. Luckily we did make changes, as there were tear gas attacks and riots during our vacation!

Prague was breathtaking. Every angle was like a postcard. It was like a karaoke video... you know, the ones with people (usually a couple with big hair) frolicking in the background (usually somewhere in Europe) and the scenes don't match the song lyrics?

Here are some highlights:

From top to bottom:
Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Lesser Town, Along Vltava (Die Mouldau), John of Nepomuk on Charles Bridge, Deli Signs, Frank Gehry's Fred & Ginger a.k.a. Dancing House

We were not fond of the food. It was tasty... at first. But after two meals of boiled cabbage, bread dumplings and Goulash, the dude and I diverted to Chinese, Italian and even Afghan food!

In terms of shopping, these was not much to buy, which was good news to my wallet. Prague was famous for glass and we did buy 2 love birds, but how much glass can one really buy?
I did fit in some yarn shopping - visited all three blogged by Polly here. It's a great guide for any yarnies. I bought 4 skeins of yarn, total of 1000 yards, for 20 CAD!

But the jackpot was Marks & Sparks. Our hotel was near Palladium and there was a M&S in the mall - both a regular store and a clearance warehouse! The dude found dress pants for 30 Euros. For me... almond cookies, crisps and their lingerie section... oh, how I wish M&S would make it back to Canada!

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Julie said...

wow, amazing pictures!! Looks like it was an incredible trip. I love those crystal birdies!