Monday, January 18, 2010


It's been a chilly winter in Toronto. While I adore snow, my ears don't agree. It's time to make some hats! However, hats don't usually make me look good. Perhaps it's because I wear glasses, or my head is oddly shaped, or too big... I find that berets or slouchy ones work best.

Shroom. I absolutely LOVE the pattern. It's easy, it's fast, it's free and it uses up stash. It was perfect with leftover Rowan Big Wool from the dude's sweater. When I washed it, the hat grew quite a bit but I like the extra slouch factor. This one used approximately 1.15 skeins.
I liked it so much that I ripped out this red touque that I've never worn to make another Shroom. The problem was I only had 1 skein and since some yarn was used to make tassels, I only had about 0.9 skeins left. I reduced stitches wherever I could and here it is.
There's not much slouch but it did grow (as expected), so at least it fits over my head. Although I love the color; I do prefer a more slouchy hat, so this one will be for a gift!

Hmmm... I have tonnes of super-bulky yarn left. I see a few more Shrooms in the future. :)


Julie said...

such lovely hats, they looks great! I'm not surprised you want to make more. :)

JoAnn Alafriz said...

Where did you purchase the yarn. i've been looking for it. It looks gorgeous.