Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Momo by Wonderland Optical Illusion

Butterflies, psychedelic dots and fantasy gardens... This Moda fabric reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Many fellow quilters love this line and I understand why. It's colorful and happy (but I don't know why there are scissors)!!

Again, I made 2 quilts - one is comprised of 2 packs of charm squares and one is cheat panel that looks like squares. Can you tell which is which?

1) Moda Wonderland Charm Quilt

This is the charm-pieced quilt. I love the fabrics - it's happy and colorful. I also love the polka dot pattern for the back!

2) Moda Wonderland Printed Quilt

When I saw this fabric, I was curious how it would look quilted. I also thought it would be perfect for a quickie quilt. The backing is also gorgeous - sort of like a chinese painting on steriods!

I tried cheating with the "cheat panel" and although it's hard to tell them apart from afar, I do favour the charm quilt. Upon closer examination, there's more just more texture and substance to the blanket.

Having said that, I did buy a certain Denise Schmidt cheat panel for a twin-sized quilt. That way, the quilt could be 100% reversible! I haven't started yet but I hope to have it completed in 2010!


May said...

I love this fabric too! great finishes. Congrats!

Mary Joy (MJ) said...

I love Moda's Wonderland fabric, especially the backing print you used. I've been saving mine for something special, perhaps a whole quilt, because it's such a large print. Thanks for the inspiration!

Julie said...

gorgeous quilts!! the colours are incredible.

yuvee said...

I have no idea what the difference is, but they both look awesome!