Monday, April 13, 2009

Dude Surprise Revealed

Here's some knitting at last! Both of these were finished by Valentines Day. One was a birthday gift and one was actually a Christmas surprise-turned-birthday bonus gift. Luckily, he still loves them!

First, these are the Dude's annual birthday socks, which follow these and these. I used 2 skeins of Knit Picks Essential Kettled Dyed but I was a bit disappointed with the lack of color variations. You can hardly tell it's kettled dyed yarn! The pattern is Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Nancy Bush.

And there's this. It's Bisto designed by Martin Storey and made from Rowan Big Wool (my favorite yarn for my favorite guy!)

I made a few modifications:

1) Knitting in the round

2) Ignored the bobble and replaced with a cable twist

3) When I got to the main cable, I noticed that all the previous cables were reversed! All the cables are now “modified”.
Dude socks: 2 skeins of Knitpicks Essential Kettle Dyed yarn
Dude sweater: 8 skeins of Rowan Big Wool

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