Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I Love You Zoo

Dark green, mustard yellow, orange and pink. Who would've thought these colors would work well together? At first, I wasn't sure about the combination, but now I just love the explosion of colors.

I seem to make everything in twos, and here are my pair of quilts made from I Love You Zoo fabrics.

1) I Love You Zoo Charm Squares Quilt

My favorite pattern - the trusted squares quilt. The back is Robert Kaufman with some scraps thrown in.
2) I Love You Zoo Tri-Striped Quilt

Something random but not really random. The back is an alphabet pattern.

I like how the same combination of fabrics creates a different look depending on how you cut them. I just can't resist making charm quilts... love those squares!


Julie said...

awesome quilts! I can see why you're addicted.

Loops said...

I love the alphabet jungle, it is fantastic!