Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sewing Up is Hard to Do

I love knitting and I love sewing with a sewing machine. And yet... when it comes to sewing knitted pieces together, I procrastinate as much as possible. I hate doing the arm holes.

There is one sweater that I finished all the knitted pieces since 2004 and still have NOT sewed together! I did find the project... and will try to put it together sometime this month.

In the meantime, I finished sewing 2 cardigan/jackets!

1) Nan from Kim Hargreaves "Thrown Together"

The only modification was using smaller needles (10mm instead of 12.75mm). This was recommended on ravelry and also from my experience knitting Rowan patterns using Rowan Big Wool in particular.
At first, I was a little worried because the knitted fabric was a bit stiff so I blocked it. The yarn grew quite a bit and now the length and drape are both better.

2) Tweed Cabled Jacket from Debbie Bliss Magazine (Premiere Issue)

Bought some Rowan Scottish Tweed ages ago and wanted to make something with cables but I only had 8 skeins. Finally found this pattern and amazed that I have enough yarn to finish it! I ended up using only 7 skeins.

I love the pattern. Although the collar feels slightly too large, it does make a fashion impact.

I love both jackets. Both were quick knits and are very warm!!


Julie said...

wow, both are absolutely stunning!! what gorgeously warm looking knits. They turned out great!!

Jessica said...

The Debbie Bliss Tweed Cable Jacket is stunning! Very Chanel and I think the collar makes it. Inspiring.