Sunday, November 08, 2009

Large Lacy Shawls

I've made a few lace shawls in the past and there was a common problem. They were all so much smaller than expected! The Flower Basket, Swallowtail, Little Arrowhead...

So, I was determined to make shawl-sized lace shawls!

Flower Basket Shawl (again)

I finished knitting in October but took a while to block it. Here it is!
It's big enough to just wrap around my shoulders with room to spare. I love the peacock pattern, the pointy edge. You can even add or subtract repeats without the need to recalculate the edging. I may have to make another one...

Ene's Scarf

I casted on the same time as FBS, but haven't really worked on it since. Now that FBS is finished, I will tackle it. Aiming to finish it before Christmas but there still a long way to go!

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graphic designer said...

That shawl is beautiful! I think it's amazing how so many patterns can be made by knitting. To be honest, I've never seen a pattern like this, done by hand at least. It's wonderful and maybe someday when I master other skills I can try to push out something like this. How long did it take for you to complete?