Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blue Period

In the spring, I bought 3 meters of navy jersey to make the Convertible/Infinity Dress. The idea is great - a dress with 2 long sashes that you can wrap/twist/wear anyway you want. I was particularly inspired when I saw this and this. Apparently, it's a popular bridesmaid dress since bridesmaids can customize their own look with the same fabric.

And so, I started. The pattern was easy... Unfortunately, I accidentally cut the waist opening too large and had to insert elastic to keep it up. I followed the pattern but I think the convertible sashes/straps were too long because they were long enough to mummify myself with 3 wraps around my chest/body, which meant bulk, which made my waist looked huge. That was the strapless dress look, so I tried the halter look. The straps were not sturdy and I suffered from a wardrobe malfunction. To solve this, I made a boobtube with leftover fabric.

Still, it was not flattering. The dress has a full-circle skirt and I should've known better. Although I am petite, I have an ample behind and full-circle skirts don't exactly help. I decided to recycle and make something else with the fabric. Coincidentally, the fabric was now on sale (3 months later) for $5 a meter so I bought another 3 meters.

And what can one make with a total of 6 meters? Quite a few items.

1) A top - Simplicity 4020 (1.5 metres)

Off the shoulder bubble tops are all the rage but I don't like such large necklines. This pattern is perfect! I love the bat sleeves and it was soooooooo easy to make.

2) A skirt - Simplicity 2608 (1 metre)

Same pattern as the 2 prints ones and still love the ruffles. I'm getting better doing the gathering. Again, I hid the ruffle seams on the inside.

3) A top/mini-dress - Simplicity 2554 (2 metres)
It only took me a few hours, but making this top was torture. That pattern was not difficult, I just accidentally serged the ruffle inside-out, which led to ripping (serged seams, which is NOT fun), accidentally cutting a hole in the ruffle (have no idea how that happened), re-cutting fabric, re-basting, re-attaching pieces... etc. Luckily I do love how it turned out. Upon closer inspection of the ruffle/gusset construction, the finishing is a little bit rough but who's going to lean close to me and stare at my underarms?

4) A bubble skirt - Simplicity 2608 (1.5 metre)
They are all the rage this season too. I like how this skirt is VPL-free!

I have an entire new blue wardrobe. I think this is my blue period.

Coincidentally, my hotel in Barcelona is very close to the real blue period masterpieces. My flight is later today! Although I'm not terribly impressed by Picasso's work, I'm soooo excited!


May said...

oh, I found your comment link! It's been the same colour as your background so you can't see it. maybe it can be changed? have a good time in Spain!

Team Knit ! said...

I'm not surprised you wanted to make that convertible dress, it's incredible!! But I think the different pieces you sewed up from the fabric are far nicer (and let's face it, you'll probably wear them way more) than the dress. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!!

- Julie

opportunityknits said...

oh I just love all your sewing projects!

Life's a Stitch said...

I love Barcelona and the Goudi influence. And the market...