Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cashmere and Me

I remember my first cashmere sweater, a burgundy boat-neck from Aritzia. It was sooo soft. I remember someone telling me "cashmere is so luxurious, once you start, you can't go back to wearing wool." I even remember reading an interview of Reese Witherspoon "I can't stop buying cashmere sweaters, I have one in every color!"

Unfortunately, I think I have picked this up this habit over the years. I still wear wool nowadays... but it can be scratchy, despite the many recent technological advances to make wool softer. I just adore my cashmere sweaters.

So when Elann had 100% cashmere skeins on sale... I hesitated. Price was one thing... but what would I be getting myself into? What if my hands get used to knitting in cashmere and rejects everything else? But I bit the bullet and made a purchase.

I started knitting fingerless mitts for my mom. The pattern is from Elann (designed specifically with the yarn in mind) and requires 2 skeins, so it's not expensive. I read the pattern wrong so it's missing a few cables but here's one finished mitt.

It's soooooooooo soft. Once I cast on, the yarn and pattern were such a joy to work with that I could not put it down. Surprisingly, the yarn did not shed.

Now I am grateful that I grabbed as much cashmere as I could afford in that transaction... it's not a lot but every stitch was and will be a delight.

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Team Knit ! said...

there was cashmere on sale?! I'm so sad i missed out! Glad you got some good stuff, though- that colourway is gorgeous, and that handwarmer is stunning!! what a great gift.

- Julie