Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love vs. Reality

The new Interweave Holidays 2008 magazine is out!

I flipped through it and fell in love with the Frost Flower Stole. I was about to buy the magazine when I became curious and decided to read through the pattern.

It required 3 skeins of yarn of 400m yarn. OK, sounds good.

Then I saw the first line "cast on 992 stitches". I read this over a few times to make sure I wasn't mis-reading it.

Then I put the magazine down.

P.S. I love the design and will likely succumb to its beauty, but it will take me some time to convince myself that I am capable of casting on 992 stitches.


Wendy said...

But it's such a lovely wrap - you should just go for it!!!

LadyLungDoc said...

It gets better - at the end, you kitchener 200+ stitched shut!!!