Thursday, October 23, 2008

Instant Gratification

I love bulky yarn. Nothing gets me into the mood of Fall/Winter knitting than instant gratification. I love Rowan Big Wool and I love Twinkle's designs. I also love to destash!

Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan

I started the Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan last winter (Feb 08?) but tossed it aside when Spring arrived. My SnB friend, Vero, was also making this, which prompted me to finish mine too! We wore it to the Wednesday SnB like twins! Here's mine:
There are several problems with the pattern. If you follow the pattern, the cables don't blend in with the ribbing. Originally, I knit the M pattern but it was too small and too short, I frogged and knit the L size. It was such a quick knit, I still finished for the weekly SnB!

I had to make some minor adjustments:

1) Modified the ribbing a little bit; according to the instructions, the ribbing and cables would not match up
2) Didn't do the bobbles; didn't want them sticking out of my boobs
3) I added 2 inches of ribbing; the M size proved to be too small and too short
4) Knit the sleeves in the round to avoid bulk

The sleeves are still a bit tight so I will only be able to wear sleeveless underneath the cardigan, but I love how it turned out!

Balthazar Vest

Rowan Big Wool on sale. How could I resist? It only used 3 skeins and I love how it turned out! The pattern was not the most well-written so I strongly recommend reading through the entire pattern before starting (especially the capped sleeve).

My modifications:
1) Since I substituted with a lighter yarn (Rowan Big Wool), I knit the L size to compensate
2) I used K2P2 to replace any K1P1 ribbing throughout

Sloane-Inspired Vest

This was a spontaneous purchase I made this summer in Vancouver's Urban Yarns. The yarn, Rowan Ribbon Twist, was on sale for 50% off, need I say more? I bought 4 to make this pattern (I already had the book in my library).

I originally made Sloane (Sweater Vest) from Lisa Shobhana Mason. However, I was very disappointed by the pattern. Although I knit the S size, my measurements came out to those of XS. However, the vest was still HUGE and completely unflattering. I considered shrinking it without felting it. After some consideration, I ripped it out and redesigned the entire pattern.

I ended up making significant changes, and I don’t think it’s a Sloane anymore:
1) Took in a few inches for the vest to have negative ease
2) Replaced K1P1 ribbing with K2P2 throughout
3) Made the round neck larger, to allow for K2P2 scoop neckline
4) Added increases in the sleeve opening to allow for arm band
5) Knit the entire vest in the round

** It looks a little bit unbalanced on me, I plan to add cap sleeves or ribbing of some sort, or maybe block (those of you how know me, I rarely block anything)**
Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan - 6 skeins Tahki Baby Tweed (100g/55m) @ 15mm
Twinkle Balthazar Vest - 3 skeins Rowan Big Wool (100g/80m) @ 12.75/15mm
Sloane-inspired Vest - 4 skeins Rowan Ribbon Twist (100g/60m) @ 12mm

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