Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sew Updates Q1

I realize that sewing garments is not the most gratifying thing. But alas, I have gained so much weight since returning to Canada from Hong Kong that some of my (a lot of my) beloved clothes don't fit. I just spring-cleaned an entire box of clothing, amongst the pile are some BCBG, Vivienne Tam and Cacharel items. Boo. Bye Bye beautiful clothes.

So, I tried to sew a couple of items for myself; one of them I will keep:

A Red Plaid Skirt - Simplicity 5914

I added a lining to the skirt and it's a bit more stiff. The best thing: it fits! It looks a bit funny because I leaned against the wall but it has a nice bell curve.

I did make a few other things but they are not flattering on me so I will not talk about them now.

Instead, guess what I received? My MOO cards! I love them...

... And I put them into good use right away ! I used them as gifts tags!!

PRESENT 1 - Coasters for my friend GLeung

Made from quilt leftovers, I love them! They are so Laura Ashley-esque!

PRESENT 2 - Baby Dress for Hunka Hunka Sandi

My first baby shower for our very own Sandi. You can check out the BB afghan that the local SnB'ers made on her blog. I helped crochet the pieces together. I also made the baby this. It can actually be reversible but I couldn't figure out how to add buttons on both sides without scratching the baby, so I just left it like this. The inner fabric is 100% cotton (comfortable) and the outside is a practical (iron-free) polyester/cotton blend.

PRESENT 3 - Knit-Picks Needle Case for me!

My first needle case was a bit flabby. I learned the magic of batting interfacing, a pretty fabric and voila!! I even made little velcro pockets to put the needle stoppers and the little needle screw mechanism. This is my new favorite sewed item.

And for those who asked about Lady Detective Hat in action... here it is. My boss says it has a little bit of a "homeless" look. :(
Perhaps he could've used "bohemian"?!


alltangledup said...

i think that th e hat and skirt are both lovely. Are you on a sewing kick at the moment?

yuvee said...

Lol, homeless. I think the hat looks cute on you ;).
I think all the sewing are lovely, and the baby dress is just too cute!
And thanks for the idea on how to use those Moo cards, I'm sure I have some lying around somewhere...

jacquieblackman said...

Homeless?! Clearly he doesn't know what he's talking about. I LOVE it! And all your other handmade goodies. They rock!

kim said...

I think all your projects look fabulous, and your hat isn't homeless-looking at all!

Agnes said...

I love the needle holder you made! It was so professionally done ...
The hat is really cute ... this time, the boss is wrong, I tell ya!

opportunityknits said...

This is such a fun post. I loved everything you've made! The hat is soooo cute, love the buckle.