Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quilt Updates Q1

Quarter 1'08 included many "firsts" for quilting and sewing:

My 1st quilt using the "tying" method (after ripping out previously machine quilting)
You probably remember this
pink quilt. It was beautiful... on top. The back was terrible. I was lazy and machine quilted it but the results were less than satisfactory. First of all, the plaid backing fabric magnified any crooked sewing or puckering. Secondly, I did not know any better and used mediocre batting. Since the back was such an eyesore, I decided to re-quilt the project (taking apart the layers and bias) and replace the batting with Warm and Natural cotton batting. Instead of hand-stitching a bunch of straight lines, I decided to piece together the quilt sandwich by sewing buttons at intervals. It took a lot of work but I am finally satisfied and not ashamed of showing you the back!
This quilt measures: 52 X 52 inches/130 X 130 cm
My 1st queen-sized quilt!
This is my pride and joy. It's reversible: It was inspired by
Quilt: Handmade Style and modified designs for both the front and back. It's HUGE - it fits my queen-size bed. It is machine pieced and hand-quilted.
The front consists of three panels while the back are 9-square blocks with borders. To add a special touch, I sewed a shell-like flower button in the center of each 9-square block.
This quilt measures: 72 X 88 inches /180 X 225 cm My 1st quilt using machine quilting (and satisfied with it)!
I call this the Easter Quilt. Purple and yellow. I bought 4 fat quarters from the Creative Festival a while back and didn't know what to do with it. I also wanted to try machine quilting again and decided a small quilt would be the best option. I had some remnants in brown and yellow (plus the brown bias from the queen-size quilt) and the colors just blended together harmoniously. It took me less than 2 days to finish!
This quilt measures: 35 X 45 inches/ 90 X 115 cm (craft size Warm and Natural cotton).
A few weekends ago, I was in NYC for a business trip.
Purl Soho was a must-see and I came out of the candy store with these:
I was disappointed by the colors of
Amy Butler fabric; they look much nicer online but I still bought some (the pinks, oranges and yellows). And I accidentally discovered Joel Dewberry (the blue ones). His fabrics are awesome! What do you think? As for the brown and green batch, they came in a bundle I just couldn't resist.


kim said...

I am seriously impressed. What is "hand quilting?" (showing my newbie-ness to the world of sewing). Your quilts are awesome!

Keung Ah Cow said...

Your quilts look beautiful, especially the yellow one!!!
Talking about Amy Butler, I am in a standing still situation with one of her bag pattern. It is definitely not fool proof pattern...because I'm a FOOL?

Sandi Purl said...

amazing! great work Peggy! you're like the secret quilter! hope to see you soon. xo