Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm the Spring Santa

It must be a result of the beautiful weather lately. Spring arrived. Torontonians have been extra smiley, less grumpy and you can hear more laughter everywhere. Me too, I've been feeling like Santa. In addition to the sewing gifts, I have a few knitted ones too!

You may remember this blanket... From the first Bernat baby blanket kit, I had LOTS of white and blue left over. (Also had orange, pink, green, yellow, lavender, which was made into a blanket for baby Noelle). This one is gifted to her new friend, AJ.

Again, I used the knitting machine, which could only handle a max of 100 stitches. I made 2 separate pieces with varying stripes of increasing length, pieced them together and finished with a crochet border. You can see the crocheted corners need more practice. :P I actually finished the top sometime in January 2007 but only finished sewing the back piece (blue gingham flannel) 15 months later.
Wow! THREE blankets were made from the yarn from this kit!

The sad thing? Guess how much it cost me to send this thing to Hong Kong. $40 CANADIAN for SURFACE mail (that means, it goes on a ship and floats its way to the destination). The post office lady quoted me such a ridiculous $$ for airmail, I have blocked it out of my memory. It was somewhere between $70 and $85. WTF??? I just hope by the time the blanket arrives, the recipient is still a baby...

2) Crochet Scarf for LL

You may remember LL some time ago. I had promised to make her a fashionable poncho. XX months later, ponchos are no longer fashionable and I decided to make a scarf instead - a fashionable skinny one. I originally intended to give her the Galaxy Scarf (2 posts ago) but after knitting it up, decided it wasn't really her style.
After helping crochet the pieces together for Sandi's BB blanket, I felt I could actually crochet. This pattern from Happy Hooker is supposed to be for novice crocheters. I agree! Once I started I couldn't stop! The end result was so pretty, I had trouble parting with it.


Stashbuster Meter
A&J Baby Blanket: All blue & white leftovers of Bernat baby blanket kit. YAY!
Crochet Scarf: 1.5 skeins of Katia Firenze (34% polyamid, 33% merino wool, 33% acrylic)


opportunityknits said...

I like how you did the baby blanket, very cool look and you didn't have to worry about matching the stripes.

Sandi Purl said...

way to bust that stash! both pieces are gorgeous!

Jen said...

Hey peggy, I love pouring over your blog just for the pictures of pretty fabric. Now where did you find those little personalized sewing tags, the 'handcrafted by Peggy' ones? I seem to remember seeing an ad mentioning custom tags in a magazine some time ago, but can't find it in the mess I live in.

Life's a Stitch said...

I think this is the first week we've gone over 15 in Vancouver. Finally!