Friday, February 16, 2007

What a Difference a Yarn Makes...

What a difference a yarn makes
Seventy-two little stitches
Brought the sun and the flowww...ers
Where there used to be rain.
Lace Panel Socks in Sheepjes Sock Yarn on 2.25 metal needles

I have been working on this sock for over 1 year. The pattern is not difficult; it's a 4 row lace pattern. The yarn is not ugly; in fact, it's a beautiful blue. The stitches are not painfully small; 2.25mm. I couldn't understand why I dreaded working on it until I started this:

BFF Socks in Koigu Painters Palette on US2 Clover bamboo needles

The yarn is soft and squishy. The needles are smooth and feels great on the hands. I can't help but gravitate towards the BFF when I am in the mood for a sock. It just feels right!

The only minor complaint I have is the color of the Koigu. This is no fault of the yarn, of course, but out of my own greed. When I am at the yarn shop, I can't decide between the hot pinks or the blues, so I end up buying a skein that has a hint of both colors. It's not the first time (check out the clapotis). During my indecisive purchase decision, I fail to remember that pinks + blues = muddy browns. So in the end, while the finished projects have shots of fuchsia and teal, it's generally very muddy brown too.

Lately, I've been quite impressed with Patons. After years of manufacturing acrylic blend yarns and glittery, eyelashy-stuff, they seem to be in tune with the changing marketing and offering some pretty nice new yarns such as SWS (wool & soy) and Rumor (alpaca blend). Plus, they have some pretty good looking patterns! I love their cables and modern living pattern books. Check out their free patterns, there's an awesome cabled bag, cabled cardigan and afghan!

I just received the new Twinkle Big City Knits book from amazon. I said I wouldn't buy yarn in 2007, but didn't say I wouldn't buy books. :) I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Reviews next time.


Emma said...

Both socks look gorgeous, and I think that Koigu is absolutely amazing. I like the pinks and blues mixed with the brown. I just think you can't beat Koigu for colors.

Little Sesame said...

I like both your socks too! And thanks for sharing the Paton patterns, just can't wait to hear your review on the new book ;o)

Siow Chin said...

Yes, thanks for pointing the Patons booklets and patterns, they are really improving.

yuvee said...

I'd love a review of the book since I've been curious about it for ages. Still not sure I can wear chunky knits though.
Patons SWS seems to be used a lot now, and I've seen tons of amazing results, if only they have it here ;)

joy said...

I'd gravitate towards the Koigu too. ;-) HK isn't exactly chunky knit friendly, but I'd love to see what's in that book!

Laura.Y said...

What are you saying! Both socks look great!!! I love the colors of that Koigu. I'm eyein that Twinkle book too, but my country's not meant for chunkies and wool too. :) Happy CNY!