Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gemma + A Little Something Else

I attacked Gemma first as seaming up raglan sleeves seemed relatively less painful than the other projects. I made just one modification to the pattern... the bottom flared up and exposed my tummy so I ripped out 2 inches from the bottom and replaced it with 2 inches of 2X2 ribbing. I think the new ribbing is better suited for my body.
It's my second Debbie Bliss sweater and I love the fit! I love the
yarn! I love the pattern! I love the fact that 6mm and 7mm needles were used!

I had a few half-skeins of this delicious
yarn leftover and decided to make this. Omitted the bobbles, the pom poms and added a fleece lining, and now the dude says I look like Aunt Jemima! Bleh. No more knitted socks for him!
Stashbusting Meter:
8 skeins Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in Moss (color #8)


opportunityknits said...

I was dithering and unsure whether to knit a classic raglan sleeve sweater - Alex in an old issue of Rowan. But seeing your new sweater, which reminds me so much of Alex, I'm convinced that I really want to have a sweater like this. Now if only I had more hands and can knit all day without making my poor family feel left out, I will be knitting my Alex right now.

yuvee said...

I'm never sure how raglan sleeves would look on me, but it sure looks great on you! Love your colour choice too ;)

Lisa said...

The sweater looks great - and the ribbing? Much better than what the pattern states. Good call.

Love the colour! I am in the midst of stash busting too and love when I can reduce the number by a significant amount

jacquieblackman said...

Sweater looks great!!

Which sweater will you tackle next??

alltangledup said...

it loks fabulous. I love that green. You're going well on the stash busting

Needle Addict said...

Looks fantastic. I love the colour and the raglan sleeves. Wait...is this the sweater that wouldn't grow?

Sandi Purl said...

beauteeful! just like u!