Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two for CNY

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I managed to finish piecing these two during the "holidays". Although it is not a holiday in Canada (oh, how is miss the 5 day long-weekends!), it was still quite festive on this side of the world.

Debbie Bliss Ribbed Detail Jacket (the Never-Growing Sweater)

I've been worried about this from the start... so many opportunities for error.

1) Knitting in the Round - As I decided to knit the front & back pieces together as one super-piece in-the-round, knitting it required constant vigilance. Any error would mean unravelling 214 stitches per row. This is one of the few pieces that I actually sat down and and finished a decent sized swatch prior to starting the project.

2) Yarn Substitution - I substituted Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran with Mission Falls 1824 Wool. 15 skeins of DB Cashmerino Aran (90m X 50 gram) = 17 skeins Mission Falls 1824 Wool (78m X 50 grams). The math makes sense. Then why do I have 6 skeins left?

3) Buttons - I recycled the buttons from
this. The buttons are a bit big and I had to "make the buttons holes fit". You'll be amazed at what force can do.

4) Blocking - I don't usually block but I realized I needed to block the rib detail. Plus, it's a little bit on the snug side. BUT, how am I going to block this thing now??


It's warm. Very warm. Just like a large mug of Ovaltine. Ironically, I chose Ovaltine colors too!

As with all Rowan patterns, I love the detailing in the pattern, namely the cuffs, the button band and the waistband. The pattern included both male and female sizes despite a design difference (and different yarn) between male and female versions. I suspect there was an error in the pattern and made one modification: I used smaller needles to pick up stitches for the collar (12 mm instead of 15 mm) and added a total of 6 stitches to compensate.

While being smart at that, I still did a retarded thing. I followed the men's version and now the button band is on the wrong side!!! I am not going to change it... but it's going to feel funny everytime I button up the buttons. Grrrrrr.

Stashbusting Meter:
Debbie Bliss Ribbed Detail Jacket: 11-12 skeins Mission Falls 1824 Wool (Denim)
Ovaltine: 2 skeins Rowan Biggy Print (brown), 9 skeins Rowan Biggy Print (Cookie)

Three down, one to go. Now it's time to attack the open lace sweater.

AND in the meantime, I'm still evaulating the new Twinkle book and just cast on for 3 new things!

Again, Happy Chinese New Year!!


Agnes said...

Wow! I love that Debbie Bliss ribbed cardi ... very lovely and very practical too. I guess it would get lots of wear!

Little Sesame said...

I always feel great finishing an item, and you did two. Bravo!! And I love the DB Ribbed Cardi too! Very cool!

yuvee said...

I love the ribbed cardi! And I think leftovers are always fun to play around with ;)
Anyway, what yarn did you use for Ovaltine?

Laura.Y said...

Oooo I love both cardis! But I must say the fav is still the Debbie Bliss one. How bout a modelled shot? :) Happy CNY!

joy said...

I like the ribbed cardi too. Debbie Bliss patterns always calls for too much yarn, in my experience, but I guess it's better to be safe. :-)