Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Overdue Pics

Here's some overdue pics of some warmth for Christmas:

1) Dude Socks
Made in Opal Chocolate Banana Split, pattern from a Patons Pattern book
. There is some cable detail on the leg part.

Close up of cables

2) Rowan Big Wool Hat & Mitts with Fleece Lining
With 2 balls of Rowan Big wool, this is a real quickie. It was more than enough yardage to make Ash and Mini and I even added a fleece lining to make them extra warm. They look like oven mitts!! Now, when is it going to be cold enough to wear them? I'm dreaming of a whiiiite Chrissstmassss....

Quickie knit

Fleece lining

3) Felted Coasters
From the left overs from 2), I practised crocheting circles. And also wanted to re-visit felting big wool, after the incident where I accidently felted the hat. This time, the results were OK, but I don't think it's enough. I might toss it into the wash a few more times.

WEBS has Big Wool on sale 50% off...I am soooooooo tempted to do more felting!!!

Before felting

After felting - Round 1

That's all for now. In the meantime, I'm still battling the quilt...

Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

I bet everyone in your immediate vicinity is really warm! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice FOs! The socks are awesome!

yuvee said...

the socks look good enough to eat ;)

alltangledup said...

gorgeous socks.. and I think I'm warming to the idea of big wool... eventhough i rarely knit anything on larger than 4.00nmn

handknit168 said...

beautiful socks. I just finished my big sock using 4.0mm needle.

Siow Chin said...

Lining the mitts with fleece is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

oooh! banana split yarn!!! i like those socks very much. due to holiday making, i have not knitted socks in ages. i think i'm having withdrawl.
thank you for the little knits/noro tip. when i have the funds, i will have to splurge on some colorful woolly goodness :)
WEBS is awfully tempting. i have to keep myself from visiting, for fear i'll fill my virtual shopping cart.
happy holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

TAG you're it!! Time to list 6 weird things about you! Visit me blog for the deets:

Mimi said...

I like your idea to add a fleece lining to your mittens!;)

Needle Addict said...

oooh, those coasters are cute. I've been planning to make coasters as soon as I teach myself to crochet.

your pictures are great, by the way. they look like they come out of a magazine.

joy said...

Those mitts look so warm and cozy. And the detail on the socks are nice too!

gray la gran said...

those banana split socks are so yummy ! ... not to mention, they're pretty too :)
the cabling made them a lot more fun to knit i bet ... i often knit pattern with yarns that may not show it off the best because i'd rather knit pattern than plain old stockinette.