Wednesday, June 29, 2005

UFOs Have Landed

An entire week of knitting... and no pictures of FOs. Usually, I can only have less than 3 projects in progress at the same time. Perhaps it is due to my analness when it comes to my inventory of needles, I like to keep them in their own little packets - so I know I didn't lose any. But this week has been crazy crazy! With stashbusting, frumpbusting and unexpected add-ons, it feels like the UFOs have landed and they have abducted all my needles!


  • Used Charmy blue cotton yarn (Japanese yarn) to start a feminine tank from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer '02. Since it's a relatively old publication, I can't find any pictures. Here's the description: "A deep cable rib and a center cable that flows to sweet shoulder straps" Sweet? I guess they are trying to make "cabled" sound prettier. ==> STATUS: finished 3 inches only.

  • Bought some DGB Confetti socks yarn... My first time knitting socks and my first time using 2.75mm needles. It feels like knitting with toothpicks and string! I was initially intrigued by the self-striping yarn but 5 inches later, the sock seems a bit large (cast on 68 stitches). NOW, I search for this yarn brand on the internet and there's a free sock pattern. Turns out my previous pattern will yield large socks. GRRRR!!! It's too painful to rip apart; I'll probably continue knitting... ==> STATUS: finished 1/3 of one sock.

FRUMPBUSTING (a.k.a. Resurrection Part II, where I frog hideous frumpy pieces from the early 90's and start all over again!!)

  • An old vest has turned into Josie from a Rowan Ribbon Twist pattern book. ==> STATUS: need to add lining and handles.

  • An old sweater knit in Shetland wool will be turned into and icelandic fair isle cardigan from Vogue Knitting Fall 1999. It's a bit roomy and thick but this will be justified as I'll be spending this winter (and others?) in Toronto. C-c-c-c-c-cold. I will need a bulky sweater. ==> STATUS: frogging and guage.

  • More Shetland wool will be turned into a multicolored sweater (looks like a bunch of building blocks) from Vogue Knitting Winter 01/02 ==> STATUS: guage


  • Baby Blanket. ==> STATUS: need to add lining.

  • Mr. T II and Ms. Bunnie - the dolls are finished but I had problems sewing on eyes that did NOT make the dolls look grumpy, angry or gimped. ==> STATUS: Have replaced Ms. Bunnie's eyes with beads but Mr. T II still requires eye cosmetic surgery! My sister has also requested clothing for the dolls...

Happy knitting!

Happy Canada Day!!


Agnes said...

Wow ... you've been really busy! ;)

Mimi said...

You are having a lot fun! I am looking forward to see your new projects and the resurrected ones.

joy said...

Sounds like you'll be very busy with the knitting. Can't say I envy you with the cold winters in TO. ;p Look forward to seeing the FOs.

yuvee said...

Seems like you're keeping your hands really busy with all those WIPs. Can't wait to see more FOs!

emy said...

Can't wait to see resurrection day! I'll be joining you once I move in to my new apartment as I'll have access to my old WIPS and FOs then!