Thursday, June 23, 2005

Resurrection - Return of the Living Dead

Hee hee, I admit the title is a bit gruesome... but that's what it is. Some finished sweaters from the 90's just screamed to be frogged (one looked frumpy and another too short/wide). And after some rework, here's the before & after shots.

The first one is a vest I knitted without a pattern, which explains why it looks kinda frumpy... I tore out the button band and replaced with a ribbed edging. I think it can now be worn to work over a crisp white shirt. I love the preppy look!

The second is a sweater which miraculously used to fit me back in uni (the baggy look was in). People usually grow sideways but for some reason, when I tried it on in 2005, my midriff shows! I certainly did not grow taller... very strange indeed. Since I am too old to bare my belly, I frogged it and followed a very old Vogue Knitting pattern (1996) by Joan Vass. There was just enough yarn to make it long enough (sorry about the picture, it's a bit dark but shows the fit well enough).

Thank you for all the nice comments on Mr. T!! My sister has asked me to knit Mr. T II and since I have 2 sisters (trying to be fair), I plan to knit the rabbit for the other sister.

Also, I'm close to finished another baby present for another friend. She has chosen not to find out the gender of the baby so I picked a bright baby blanket that hopefully won't be too girlie or boyish. I'm having a headache trying to block/flatten the blanket... it's all shrivelled up right now. Lesson learnt: Block the pieces before attaching them!!


Agnes said...

Very neat job done!

Mimi said...

Such a nice feeling of making things reborn! Now, the second sweater looks very fashionable.
I like the idea of knitting a bear and a rabbit for your sisters. Your are a nice sister!

joy said...

What a great way to get more mileage out of your knits! The tank looks fabulous!

Lauren said...

How great that you were able to recycle the yarn--I need to do that with some of the atrocities I produced when I first learned to knit!

Have a lovely weekend, Peggy!

Deb said...

wow, the vest looks amazing on you!

opportunityknits said...

That Joan Vass tank looks great on you!

yuvee said...

I love that tanks, especially the rolled neck, looks so cute!

Rosalynn said...

hey peggy... my friend joy sent me your way since you used to live in HK... and i have a friend who's going there soon. have any good yarns that can be bought there for a good price to suggest? i'd love to hear your thoughts about HK n yarn stores... ping me back on my blog if you get a chance!

btw, those FOs are soo cute. props for recycling yarn :)