Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Greetings from Canada!

After lots of flying in the past few days, I'm finally back in Vancouver!

Osaka was great! It has a wonderful mix of culture and shopping with temples, extravagant restaurant signs and delightful traditional back alleys galore. As suggested by Eva, I visited the top floor of Hankyu Department store above Osaka JR Station. AMAZING. The floor didn't just sell just yarn, but there were so many other tempting things, like stationary, beads and handicraft tools and trinkets. I bought 3 books there - 1 Fall/Winter patterns book, 1 dolls crochet book and 1 knitted foods book. Yup, there's an obsessed person out there who knitted food-looking projects and there's enough FOs to create a book. Will definitely have to post pictures later.

Also went to the Shinshaibashi Daimaru above the Shinshaibashi Station. Also AMAZING. I bought another couple of magazines... they sold plastic skeins such as those for the popular Anteprima Plastiq bags. Although I was tempted, I really had no more room in my luggage to indulge in yarn. Too bad!

Posts will have to be picture-less until I figure out how to link up my laptop (photo central) to the Internet. In the meantime, I found a bunch of sweaters I knitted back in highschool and uni. Two tupperware boxes full... will be busy taking pictures to update the Gallery later.

Yay! It feels good to be back home for good (temporarily) after 8 years!


Eva Shiu said...

Hi Peggy, Glad to hear you've back to home safely. I think the Hankyu dept store is really a great place for handicraft lovers. I hope I have chance to visit there again. I am interest to see the book for knitted food. Pls take a pic of the cover later. I will try to get this book here. Have you buy any yarns ?

BTW, I've received your letter last week. Thank you very much !

marjorie said...

It must be fun in Osaka! I remember Siow Chin mentioned that the plastic skeins are also sold in Singapore. Sounds like a fun project but is it crochet?

joy said...

Yes! You'll have to show us all the goodies you bought in Osaka!!

Mimi said...

Hi Peggy! You are already in Vancouver. It feels far away, although it's not noticeable in the net. Wish you a speedy "settle in", so that you can show us your old FO's !
I am so excited here, as I am reading your post about your shopping adventures in Osaka. Can't wait to see pictures. Oh, the Fall/winter edition is already out?