Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pre-Osaka Tidbits

As promised, here's a picture of the cabled clutch. It's bigger and has a knitted lining. Was so excited by the hot pink color, I didn't consider that there will be few opportunities to use it! Oh well, it was an exploration exercise which seemed to work out. Used three balls of Mondail Merino Special (50% wool, 50% acrylic) - one ball for each side and one for the lining.

Went to the local magazine shop and voila! There were some European knitting magazines... I splurged! Bought the Maglia (maggio-luglio 2005) and Sandra (June 2005). Unfortunately, the Maglia is in Italian but the following caught my eye. Guess who will be visiting those translation websites?

Sandra offered this, but I'd lengthen it. Just love those cables and bobbles!

Alas, Osaka, here I come!!


opportunityknits said...

Such a pretty bag and lovely wooden handles. You did a great job on it!

joy said...

Great bag! Did you end up putting snaps for a closure?

Lauren said...

That little bag is great, Peggy! What a pretty pink.

The new Euro mag patterns look very cool. The midriff one will look a lot better lenghthened.

Eva Shiu said...

The bag looks great !

Have a nice trip to Japan and buy tons of good yarns ^^

Mimi said...

The pink bag looks very nice! How did you do the lining? You knitted one??? I also like the cables and bobbles( I love it!) top.

Agnes said...

Your bag is cute! Having a lining is a smart idea ... my bag is stretched so much because it is not lined!
Have a nice trip!

yuvee said...

I love those cables, and hot pink is great!!! You're going to Osaka??? Oh, how I envy you....don't forget to buy more yarns!!!