Monday, May 23, 2005

HK Knitter Meetup

I attended my first HK knitter meetup and met the ladies here. Although just for a few hours, Siowchin, Joy, Eva, Marjorie shared our current projects. Siowchin was unravelling her dead denim, Joy was working away at her very intricate Martha, Eva was whipping through her lavendar little girl's cardigan and Marjorie was carefully calculating the stripes on her Phildar cardigan. I worked on my Fuschia/Hot Pink clutch which was inspired by these cute clutches. I just need to figure out the closure mechanics and it will be finished.

I'll be heading to Osaka between Thursday - Sunday. Just a short little trip as there's only 2 full days minus the flight time. An awful lot to squeeze into the trip and Eva has already tempted me with addresses of yarn shops! Apparently, the entire top floor of a department store across from my hotel sells yarn! She's such a devil!

If I don't have a chance to upload pictures before the Japan trip, I'll post again next week!


Lauren said...

Have fun in Japan! A whole floor of yarn? WOW!!!!

Mimi said...

Hi Peggy! I am so envious of you going to Japan for yarn shopping! Have a great trip and happy shopping!

opportunityknits said...

That's a lovely cabled clutch, look forward to seeing your version. Happy yarn shopping!