Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bittersweet Moment

It was my last working day a few days ago... a bittersweet moment. Handing over my cubicle to the replacement and leaving everything I've been so accustomed to. There are also many farewell lunches/teas/dinners to say good-bye to those friends I've accumulated over the years (which really aren't that many, but somehow they are from different avenues and can't be grouped together). I've never really been good at nor enjoy saying good-bye. Call me a coward, but I'm one of those people who refuse to go the airport to send someone off... all the emotions are just too overwhelming and I'd rather run away from it.

But as they say, true friendship cannot be separated by distance. And there's always new opportunities to meet new friends - accumulate more. Tomorrow I will be meeting the HK Knitters... and the weather has cooled down a bit, which means knitting isn't such a sweaty ordeal. I'm getting excited!!!


alltangledup said...

know exactly what you mean. after my goodbyes when I left the US, I refused to do that again. I sort of crept away from Paris and if I should leave London, will try and do the same.

as for keeping old friends ... women are far better than men at doing that. But you'll still blogged from your new home, right?

Lauren said...

Yeah, that is hard. I have moved many times, so I know how you feel. Best of luck with it, Peggy.

Take care :)

Mimi said...

I agree with you that " true friendship can't be separate by distance". I am still in touch with my childhood friend even though I have not seem her for almost 20 years!
You are going to have great memories of your friends in HK and a place to look forward to visit again.