Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Thank you for the warm welcome! Haven't been knitting much this week as I've been pre-occupied with packing. After almost 8 years in HK, I have decided to move back "home" - Canada. But before I leave, I look forwards to meeting the girls here at the end of the month. Can't wait!!!

Frantically throwing items into piles and with stacks of boxes everywhere, but I still managed to take a picture of my FBS-in-progress. It's a fuzzy ball but I love it!

In the meantime, I dug out all my yarnwares... I have officially 2 boxes labelled "yarn" and amongst the chaos is a small long lost project. Figure that since most of the stash will be shipped via extra-slow-snail mail, I should keep a few compact projects on hand. Inspired by a picture in the newspaper and I thought, "Hey, I can do that!" What do you think? Will it be worth all the calculations and trial-and-error?

Apart from this, not much progress this week.


Lauren said...

That is a big move--I wish you luck with it!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment--I love to meet new knitbloggers!

Your FBS is beautiful! This is on my list (yeah, the list that is very long) of things to knit. It is so nice.

Your little doll on the sidebar is very cute--that program is so addicting, isn't it? :)

Take care!


Kimberli said...

Wow! What a move!
So... you will be leaving by end of April or May? I'm going to hopefully get together with the HK gals in Mid-May. Would be great to meet you too!
Keep us posted!

Your FBS is looking wonderful!
Take a deep breath and don't let the move stress you out!

Eva Shiu said...

Oh, you will be leaving HK soon ! Now, we are thinking the meet up place for our next gathering. Will send you e-mail after confirm. Hope to see you soon !

christine said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving the kind comment on my blog! I'm glad you like my patterns!!! (it keeps me going to hear positive feedback!!)
Hong Kong? Wow!!
Love, Christine

opportunityknits said...

Have a safe journey back to Canada and keep blogging.

Mimi said...

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