Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Project Management

Here's my first attempt to sort out all those projects in-progress:

Seed Stitch Jacket - 99%
VK Winter 04/05 (the cover jacket)
Used the re-cycled SPOT 50% wool, 50% acrylic yarn originally used for the Open Lace Pullover (below) and eventually frogged. SPOT is a bit lighter, but with some calculations here and there, using this yarn for this jacket turned out pretty good (it fits too!)...I just need to find 5 buttons!

Perplum Pullover - 95%
VK Winter 02 - Perplum Pullover James Coviello
Originally knit in SPOT 50% wool, 50% acrylic yarn. However, the yarn was too heavy and the Pullover pieces turned into these horrendous, humungous wooley things. I guess it's punishment for not checking the gauge.
Not to be discouraged, I started again, this time with a more suitable yarn. All the pieces were knitted up in end 2004. But the complicated sewing of lacy edgings has banished this project into the fear pile.

Flower Basket Shawl - 50%
IK Fall 04
Yes, a late start on this one. Just started while everyone else seems to be finished! Have used a silver-ish mohair yarn, which although is a but fuzzy, actually complements the lace rather well.

Sampler Afghan - 5%
Inspired by this sampler afghan. Isn't it just pretty? I've decided to assemble 8X8 inch-sized blocks of various patterns. To date: 3 blocks done.

Summer Tube Top - 0%
Bought 3 balls of Katia Spray Ribbon on sale and inspired by a Tahki Stacy Charles tube top. Need more calculations and swatching.

Here's a bear I knit for my friend in Toronto. He's a bit skinny!


joy said...

Hi there!
Another HK knitter! Who'd have guessed there were so many of us.
Well, someone has got to be knitting up all that yarn from the shops. I hope you figure out how to put up those photos soon so we can see what you've been up to.

Eva Shiu said...

Hi ! Welcome to blogger's world. Including you, now we have 5 in Hong Kong ! Maybe very soon, I can make a blog ring for all those Hong Kong knitting blogs.

Any chance for a meet up ? We are going to meet up by end April. Hope you see you soon !

opportunityknits said...

Hi, welcome to knitblogging - I'm relatively new myself. Found my way here from Eva's blog. Have fun!

Agnes said...

Hi there,
I came here through Eva's blog. Welcome to blogsville! I was originally from HK but am now living in California. I am also knitting a sampler afghan ... Hope to see pictures of your projects soon.

Doreen said...


Welcome to blogging world.

Hope to see some of your FO soon


Kimberli said...

Yeah - Welcome to Blogsville!
Thanks Eva for the link!
Hopefully I'l get to meet you when I meet up with the girls in May in HK for more knitting fun!
I just saw them a few weeks ago!
Looking forward to seeing your projects finish!