Tuesday, April 26, 2005

FBS Stalled

Was up in GZ yesterday/today and managed to work on the FBS on the straight-through train. Would like to say I finished, and I WOULD have if I didn't run out of yarn! The fact is, I do still have yarn in this color lot... but it's in the warehouse... on it's way to Canada. Bummer! I won't be able to work on it until June. Hmph!!

On a happy note, I went to a GZ book store and found some cheap and non-frumpy pattern books. RMB 26 each (plus 10% off)! Yippie! One's Spring/Summer and one's Autumn/Winter. There are some Mainland book stores in HK, I wonder if they sell them here?

I guess now that the FBS is stalled I can start working on the Summer boobtube and Hot Pink clutch!


Anonymous said...

OH no! I ran out of yarn last night on my big project, and I was totally bummed! It is disappointing... now I have to wait for the order to come.

Great new magazines--that cardigan on the front is cute!

Take care, Peggy :)


Eva Shiu said...

Hi ! Most of the pattern books sell in China are copy from Japan. I just wonder if they have their orginal one. From the cover pages, I think it should be original one. I am interest to take a look. Do you mind bring along them in our next gathering ?


=joy= said...

OH NO! that SUCKS! what a pain... you must've been on a roll too. you know when you get lost in a pattern and in a familiar groove... *sigh* no way you could see if a lys carries it in the dye lot you're using, huh?

Mimi said...

Oh you have a new look, how beautiful! My favorite color! Are you still using the blogger? My green background is not my favorite but is the only one provided in the package, that is not so plain....
I guess we will not be able to see your FBS for a while, I have plenty of experience waiting for cargos...
By the way I need to ask you how do you post more than one picture in a post? Do you use Picassa?