Sunday, January 03, 2016

Mama's Tshirt Refashion

What to do when t-shirts shrink (or you expand) and don't fit anymore?

I had a collection of striped tees from Joe Fresh (looking somewhat like these). 
They are cheap enough that I bought multiples, but when they no longer fit, it's such a waste to donate them all...

Solution: Baby C gets some new dresses!

The most obvious is narrowing the fit and sleeves. With a serger and keeping the original neckline, this look 10 minutes.  I might add something to spice it up, but for now, it's very "French".
This version, I stitched a new neckline. I tried sewing a pocket but it failed and added applique denim hearts to cover up the holes. 
And this final version... I did shrink the neck line a little bit, but kept the original neckband. Although the serger lines are visible, who is going to reach into my toddler's neck and examine the neckband?! The white skirt was originally a halter dress which was pretty (you can't see from the photo, it has 2 tiers of eyelet) but not practical at all. So I chopped off the skirt & lining and serged it to the top.
Voila!  Baby C gets three new dresses and mommy can buy some new striped tees!

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