Monday, January 13, 2014


Here are a few quilts made in 2013 (or earlier) but were not blogged yet:

1) Vonn
I made this quilt LONG time ago, but felt it was missing something.  When my friend had a baby called Vonn, I thought adding his name to the blanket would be the thing to spice it up.

2) Time for Teddy (for boy)
I completely forgot to take photos before giving this to the recipient.  Ooops.  But I managed to get ahold of some pics.  The front consists of 5" squares and the backing is all one print.
3) Time for Teddy (for girl)
Using pretty much the same fabrics as the previous quilt, I made a more girly version.
The front uses disappearing 9-patches (a great tutorial here), and the backing is all one print.  There is one boo boo on the front, but I don't think anyone notices it!
Front (close-up)
4) Moda picnic
I love Moda charm packs. They are easy to use and you get to sample all the print designs in a fabric line.  For the front, I used one charm pack and the border is a Michael Miller argyle.
For the back, I used a sampler fabric (from the same Moda line), but it was a couple inches too short, so I attached some red/white white fabric (at the top).

Sometimes I try saving money by buying various cuts of sale fabric, but since I often default to making 5" square blankets, I find I end up with A LOT of random fabric left over and that annoys me (I like to maximize every inch).  Charm packs, on the other hand, are usually all used up and often yield a more colorful/energetic/aesthetically pleasing quilt.  Moving forward, I will stick to charm packs!

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