Saturday, December 28, 2013

Something for the Home

Here are a few projects for the "home" that were finished in 2013.
1) Crocheted Cushions
I made a total of 4 cushion covers for my mom. 

The pink/burgundy yarn was from 10 years ago and the neutrals were newly purchased. They are all “Patons Canadiana” but I can feel the difference between the yarns. Old yarn feels more rough and thicker, creating a more sturdy fabric while the new yarn is very soft!

It's a variation on a theme:
  • All the fronts = 9 clock granny square
  • Backs of 2 cushions = crocheted a giant granny square with rounds of alternating pinks.
  • Backs of 2 cushions = granny stripes in alternating pinks and camel.
 I only have pics of the front for now. 
More details here.
2) Crocheted Laundry Bag 
The pattern was free from Purl Soho. 
I had 2 HUGE skeins of Bernat Cotton so I made a HUGE bag.  There is still over 600 yards of yarn left!!  The yarn has flecks of color in it, but I noticed that most flecks disappeared after a good wash.
More details here.
3) Chair Pad

I started this back in 2005 but never got around to finishing until now.  It's from a Patons pattern (?). I wish I still had the pattern - it would have been nice to make 2 of these...
More details here.

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