Thursday, December 12, 2013

Keeping Cozy

Having a lot of chunky yarn in the stash takes up a LOT of space, so I decided to knit some of it. 
1) Best Friend Cardigan from Twinkle
You may or may not remember, but I've knit up this pattern before using some Tahki Baby yarn.  However, I found the fabric to be a little bit too stiff (warm but too thick) and added too much extra weight on my frame.
Since looking at other raveler’s versions using Lion Thick & Quick, it seems that this yarn, although cheaper, produces a lighter version of this cardigan. I happen to have some in my stash, so I gave it a try.
More details here.
2) New Wyoming
 ... And with the Tahki Baby yarn, I knit this. 

Previously, the yarn was frogged various times (in addition to the Best Friend Cardigan).  It used to be a scarf and a hat.

I thought this yarn was the same weight as Rowan Big Wool but it is much heavier, making it hard to select patterns. Alas, I found a pattern where I got gauge and appreciates a fabric that’s on the heavy/stiff side.

I got gauge but I think the sizing is on the small side. I do not want to frog this but I wish I knit a size or two larger. Will try blocking it to make it bigger.

More details here.

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