Sunday, May 31, 2009


Thanks for your comments. The verdict is: Granny won hands down! And so... I bit the bullet and unravelled all 3.5 skeins of Lizard Ridge.
Luckily I don't feel too sad because the big Granny is progressing quite well! (It's still growing)
Unfortunately, Lizard Ridge is not the only recent frogging incident.

As I was knitting Ivy League, I always thought it looked a bit tight and small from the very beginning. Previously, during the ribbing stage, I had tried it on and it fit nicely. I thought things would work out and continued knitting to the v-neck opening before trying it on again. It still fit onto my body... but very snug. I could hardly move or breathe. I think I'll have to frog this back to the ribbing, then switch to a larger sized needle. BOOHOO!!!
There are also a few other projects that have been hibernating or failed miserably. I am going to give up on them too and start fresh!! Here are the pre-frog pics.

It was love at first sight, so much that I went and bought the suggested yarn. But the infactuation quickly fizzled. Numerous stichmarkers and figuring out a bunch of charts... I only got to the 3rd row, I don’t like this anymore.-> Plan to make Thermal.

2) Maldi's Shawl
Love the pattern, but the yarn choice was a bad one. I haven't fully frogged this but took the needle out.
-> Plan to make a sweater instead.

3) Twinkle Groovy Sweater
Fun, fast but terrible fit. Looks hideous on me.
-> Plan to make Kangaroo Tunic or a cardigan.
4) Chunky Print Yoke Vest
Also looks hideous on me.
-> Plan to make the same deep-v vest I made for my sister, but for myself.

5) Cannes
Too big.
-> Plan to reknit the same pattern using a smaller size.

It's like Spring cleaning!!


Yvette said...

Wow. It breaks one's heart to see all that work get ripped back! You're so strong.

alltangledup said...

rip , rip , rip.. whenever you're not happy, just deal with it staight away, you'll waste less time that way.

the ivy league vest will look great when it's will be worth the effort.

Team Knit ! said...

i admire all your frogging determination! I find it SO hard to frog something that is off the needles, for whatever reason. Looks like you'll be freeing up lots of gorgeous yarn, though- the ultimate recycling!! :)

- Julie