Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh Christmas Gifts, Oh Christmas Gifts...

Hee hee, I know it's still early... And the progress is looking good for now.

1) Shrug for CL

The pattern is Lacey from Knitty. I used 8 skeins of Bernat Galaxy in Saturn. This cheap yarn is a blend of alpaca which makes it very soft and fluffy. I think I got gauge and I am very happy with the result.

Modifications: instead of picking up stitches for the collar, this yarn was too hairy and I ended up knitting the collar separately and attaching it to the body.
** This one is a secret, so no pics yet**

2) Scarf and Deep-V Vest for Sister C

Both items are kint in Rowan Chunky Print. The scarf is Dixie from Rowan's Big Just Got Bigger. It was a fast and fun knit. I like the fringe... it looks like dreadlocks.
Modifications: The scarf is knit in two separate pieces which are attached in the middle. Instead of using 3-needle bind off, as suggested in the pattern, I grafted the two pieces together!

The Deep-V Vest is inspired by Twinkle's Balthazar. Since the Rowan yarn is a different weight from Twinkle's Soft Chunky, I just cast on and did my own thing. I think it turned out OK!

3) Vest for myself

This is the result of test knitting with Rowan Chunky Print! After much trial and error and re-knitting, I found the perfect number of stitches to knit in the round. I added cap sleeves and decided to keep this little number for myself.
Stashbusting Meter:
- CL Shrug: 8 skeins of 50g (55 m) Bernat Galaxy in Saturn (77% acrylic, 8% polyester, 7.5% mohair, 7.5% alpaca)
- Sister C Scarf: 3 skeins of 100g (100m) Rowan Chunky Print in Swizzle (100% wool)
- Sister C Deep V-Vest: 3 skeins of 100g (100m) Rowan Chunky Print in Native (100% wool)
- Vest for me: 3 skeins of 100g (100m) Rowan Chunky Print in Swizzle (100% wool)


Needle Addict said...

I just googled Mission falls 1824 wool and your blog came up. Haha. It looks like you've been busy getting your craft on. Where do you find the time? I fear I will neve finish any thing ever again. I <3 the vest for you and the summer wheat, they look awesome.

Team Knit ! said...

I actually prefer your Deep V version of the vest to Twinkle's- I thought hers was a bit TOO chunky. Yours is infinitely more wearable!Great job.
- Julie

opportunityknits said...

Way to go, you're really showing the stash who's BOSS!

Sandi Purl said...

beee-u-teeful!! all of it! nice work, santa!

Vivian said...

Pretty FOs that you have here. I like deep v vest, it will seem nicer to wear with shirt.

Life's a Stitch said...

Wow, you're putting me to shame. Nice progress,

Mimi said...

SO good that you have so many FOs and having a good progress in your projects. I need to borrow some of your productivity as I haven't finished my projects for a while.