Monday, September 22, 2008

Anna & Clapotis II

Some things I finished this summer!

ANNAThis was from the Linen Print Collection and I used the same colorway as in the book. I love it, partly because it's knit using 7.0/8.0mm needles but also because I love pink, raglan sleeves are easy to sew and it fits!

For some reason, when I follow Rowan patterns, they always end up too short and this was not an exception. I later went back, unravelled the bottom ribbing and added 2 inches of knit + 1 inch ribbing. If you look closely, the ribbing is upside-down!

Better fit now!


I saw a Clapotis at the yarn store using this Mirasol Hacho yarn and was intrigued by the colors so I bought 2 skeins. I used the yarn in a few other patterns but the pooling butchered the yarn. I know, I have said many times that I didn’t enjoy Clapotis the first time: it’s boring once you get the hang of it. But only this pattern does this yarn justice. So, I gave in and started the Clap.

I used the tip from other Ravelers and replaced stitchmarkers with a simple purl stitch (which would be dropped later on). With this modification, I actually ENJOYED the pattern.

This time, I intended to make it a little bit bigger, more like a wrap. I ended up buying 3 more skeins. However, despite my attempts to make this a larger wrap, it is still small-ish. It's the same size as the other one!!

But I still love it!

Stashbuster Meter
: 9 skeins of Rowan Linen Print Patons in Peachy? (50g/55m) @ 7.0/8.0mm
Clapotis II*: 5 skeins of Mirasol Hacho in 307 (50g/125m) @ 4.5 mm

* It's not really a stashbuster because I recently bought this yarn :)

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