Friday, September 23, 2005


I've been tagged by Yuvee (sorry, just realized this!):

Ten Years Ago
1995 - I was in university, worked part-time at a bank and knitted feverishly. Other than that, everything else is a blur.

Five Years Ago
2000 - My first dab at joining an online community; I met many of my close friends in HK that year. Shortly after, I went through a major change in my life (quarter life crisis?!) - quit the job, cut some ties and being lost & confused, I took a sabbatical in Vancouver for 3 months before getting back into "life". I do not regret giving up what then seemed like "stability" for a road of uncertainty.

One Year Ago
2004 - Me me me!!! Started knitted again, took painting and drawing courses, travelled to Sydney/Beijing/Toronto, plotted to move back to Canada after spending 7+ years in HK. Could it be the seven years itch?

Five Snacks
I love food so it's really difficult to narrow it down to 5 things, but these popped into my mind first:

- Doritos
- Dried squid (but gives you bad breath!)
- Preserved sour plums (wah mui)
- Chicken wings
- Hong Kong doughy siu mai from the street

Five Songs I Know All The Words To
- More than Words - Extreme
- That's Why (You Go Away) - Michael Learns to Rock
- Close to You - Carpenters
- Crazy for You - Madonna
- Baby Hit Me One More Time - Britney Spears (don't ask)

Five Things I'd Do With 100 Million Bucks
- Accumulate property(it's a Chinese thing)
- Help my family accumulate property (it's another Chinese thing)
- Treat my family to a long, extravagant vacation in Europe
- Open a yarn/bead/crafts /art supplies/photo developing shop (any one of the above or all of the above!! Basically somewhere where I can sit on my butt and do something I love)
- Help unfortunate children

Five Places I'd Run Away To
- London
- Paris
- Peru
- India
- Greece

Five Things I Would Never Wear
- Black/red bra with white tee-shirt
- Hot pants
- Bikini
- Grunge-looking clothes
- Fur

Five TV Shows
- CSI (I love Grissom!!)
- Las Vegas
- America's Top Model (love those cat fights)
- Anything and everything on HGTV
- Ally McBeal & Sex and the City (both in 5th place since they are oldies)

Five Joys
- Friends & family
- Food
- Shooting (photographs)
- Needles (knitting)
- Fantisizing about the perfect home

Five Things To Do, Just For Me, Before I Die
- Travel to every major city in the world
- Exhibit my photographs/paintings
- Date a depressed artist (just for one day)

- Hire a sexy gardener
- No more mercy dates

I won't tag anyone since most of those I know have already been tagged :)

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yuvee said...

HIt me baby one more time??Hire a sexy gardener??
I love this meme!! ;D