Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quilted Table Settings

After a baby-induced quilting hiatus, I was really missing the humming of the sewing machine. I found a Sent with Love by Deb Strain honey bun in my stash and was brimming with ideas! I was originally drawn to the red/pink (Victoria Secret?) color combination but what to do with 40 1.5 x 44" fabric strips? 
To make my main project(s), I excluded 6 fabric strips that had green colors, leaving me with a total of 34 strips to work with.

As you may know, I like to use up all the fabric per collection (if possible) and so I made the following:  

Table Runner
I didn't really know what to do with the 1.5" strips, so I just sewed them all together. It's not that creative but looks good!
The backing is a white denim from my stash. For the binding, I bought a simple red polka dot fabric.

Placemats (X 4)
I bought half a metre of the Michael Miller pink fabric with red dots (my favorite! So very Victoria Secret), which works well with the Sent with Love collection.
These placemats also have a white denim backing and red polka dot binding,

Mug Rug/Trivets (X 2)
With some left over scraps, I was able to make 2 mug rugs/trivets. It was an opportunity for me to practice making a postage stamp quilt - and with my first attempt, the squares do not line up! I also didn't do a good job arranging the squares and had to manually pick apart some squares and re-arrange them so that the colors were spaced out "randomly".
Mini Buttons
With all the tiny left overs (1.5 inch X 1.0 inch rectangles), I made some mini fabric buttons. I bought a kit from the Japanese toonie store and it only cost $2 for 27 buttons.
I'm not sure what to use them for, but they are really cute!

Now, what to do with the 6 green strips?

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